"I was frustrated with my inability to sleep with a CPAP machine. So there I was not sleeping well with a machine and putting my health at risk with my sleep apnea" says Sean. Dr. Marianna made him an oral appliance to wear at night as an alternate option to treat sleep apnea. Sean says "Dr. Beattie fixed that for me, I sleep well now".

Kathy had an implant placed to replace a missing tooth and says "The procedure was painless. The implant feels perfect and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Jeremy had some cavities fixed and said "They did an amazing job on keeping me comfortable and pain free. The work when finished looked amazing. The staff was very friendly and we had a lot of laughs. This is the best dental office I have gone to".

Michaele had a new upper partial denture made and says "I LOVE how well my new teeth fit and make me feel. I practically come to tears when I look in the mirror. And the compliments I get now are GREAT."

"Prior to coming to Beattie Family Dental, I would do anything to avoid having dental work done. Since coming here I have had multiple issues concerning my dental health addressed and corrected and for the first time in 39 years I look forward to going to the dentist". Matt J., Davenport, IA

Shelly had bonding done on her front teeth and says "I can't believe how much I smile now! Thanks for everything."

Betty from Davenport had an upper denture and was pleased with not having long waits in the waiting room and her appointments were as scheduled. Her denture "feels great.”

Invisalign Testimonial ~ As a child having lost front baby teeth and the permanent teeth not coming into the correct position, Diane became more self-conscious going thru junior high and high school. "One of our sons started going to Beattie Family Dental & had good things to say about them. I realized that they were offering Invisalign." At age 54, Diane scheduled her consultation with Dr. Matthew and ended up starting the Invisalign process. "I have been exceptionally pleased with the outcome" Diane says. "I would not hesitate to recommend Invisalign or Beattie Family Dental to anyone." Diane, Durant IA